Tell Oxfam to drop SodaStream Global Ambassador Scarlett Johansson. Occupation isn’t green or “guilt free.”



The music from the X-men: Days of Future Past trailer. I’m sure it was in the trailer for the first Wolverine film



My current fave song, and probably quite fittingly, the song that will describe the next few months




Facebook - The notifications icon shows a different side of the globe depending on your location.

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I see a moon. 


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The song that plays during the end of ep 21 of Nikita, during that warm, fuzzy, family feeling scene. You just know one these will die soon, my bet is the Army Seal guy



Is going to be the anthem of my summer, just hope it gets better




Washington, DC is finally getting a green waterfront development to be proud of.  A 42-acre redevelopment along the Anacostia River, The Yards will comprise some 1.8 million square feet of office space, 400,000 square feet of retail and cultural spaces, 2,700 rental and for-sale homes, and a significant riverfront park and esplanade.  With a great in-town location along a Metro line and only a few blocks from the US Capitol, and with some excellent green features, the project has been certified gold under the LEED for Neighborhood Development pilot program. Read more.

Rendering of The Yards by Forest City Washington via

This could be good



Vertical Farm Proposal Is Woven Into The Fabric Of The City

“Michelle Cheng, a graduate of the Ryerson University School of Interior Design, has designed a vertical farm for her thesis. She didn’t place it at the waterfront or in the theater district, she put it in the middle of a transitioning residential area with a large social housing component, full of people who need affordable fresh food.”

more: treehugger

image: Michelle Cheng

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Amazing programming joke. xD

That’s fucking epic.

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Plays at the end of a very powerful and emotional episode of Person of Interest, episode 21 - fave ep yet, love the back story between this and the last ep


Looks pretty good, basically turning metro style apps into windowed apps, so you can resize them and use them within desktop view, would really like them to take this step soon


Incredible mockup of Windows desktop gone Metro-like

Even more amazing work hitting the Verge Forums.


To the max, every fn time

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Funny, and there’s cute Bulma brushing her teeth, she used to be so adorably cute in DragonBall

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